Express Entry

The Express Entry system is now operational. As of January 2015 certain economic class applications must be applied for using the method.

The Express Entry System is a new program introduced by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Under this program prospective immigrants would apply and indicate their interest in coming to Canada.

Prospective immigrants would indicate their interest in coming to Canada by providing information electronically about their skills, work experience and other attributes. Individuals who meet certain eligibility criteria will have their “expressions of interest” placed in a pool and ranked against others already in the pool.

CIC would only invite the best candidates, including those with in-demand skills or with job offers, to apply for a visa. Expressions of interest that are not chosen after a period of time may be removed from the pool. As a result, application backlogs would not accumulate and processing times will be kept to a minimum.

Express Entry Required

The Expression of Interest system is required for applicants applying under the following programs: Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades and the Canadian Experience Class.